JSON Configurable Personal Site

A JSON configurable personal site using Node.JS

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To deploy to Heroku using one-click deploy head over to the repo's Github page using the button above!


git clone https://github.com/christophior/JSONConfigurablePersonalSite.git
cd JSONConfigurablePersonalSite
npm install
npm start

the application will be running on http://localhost:8080

Configuring your own site

To configure your own website after cloning this repo you will only need to work with these two files:


This file will be where you will put what I would consider required information to make your personal site as 'complete' as possible.

Data stored in this file includes site title, site description, personal photograph (avatar), site background, description displayed on the home page, PDF link to your resume, list of shared links with icons, and list of projects along with the projects title.


In requiredInfo.json there is a section called icons that looks like the following:

"icons": [
    {"icon": "page", "link": "/resume"},
    {"icon": "social-github", "link": "http://github.com/christophior"},
    {"icon": "social-linkedin", "link": "/linkedin"},
    {"icon": "mail", "link": "/email"}

In the code above we are specifying the icons that link to sites such as your Github, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. along with an icon that will be used for the respective link. Each entry in the icons array requires an icon value and a link value.

Icons and icon names are consistent with the Foundation Icon Font which can be found here: Foundation Icons.

Links for our icons can either be relative links based on entries that you have added to your links.json file (like the resume/linkedin/email icon) or absolute links (like the Github icon).


Projects are similar to icons except that they have different attributes, the following is an example of projects:

"projects": [
    {"title":"Dogecoin Ticker", "link":"/dogecointicker"}

Projects require a title and a link.

Project titles are what will be shown on your website. Links just like icons can be either relative or absolute.


This file is where you will specify links that will redirect when you go to certain paths in your site. By default the / path is your home page which will show your home page which will be populated with the info you have provided in your requiredInfo.json file.

/resume is also taken up by default, this path will grab your resume PDF that you specified under the resumeFile attribute in requiredInfo.json

  "dogecointicker": "https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=christophior.dogecointicker.app",
  "gist": "https://gist.github.com/christophior",
  "github": "http://github.com/christophior",
  "linkedin": "https://www.linkedin.com/in/christophior"

The following file shows all the specified paths along with the links that they will redirect to when visited. If a path that is not specified in links.json or in app.js (initially just /resume) then it will by default redirect back to the site's root

http://www.christophior.com/github -> http://github.com/christophior

http://www.christophior.com/gist -> https://gist.github.com/christophior

http://www.christophior.com/randompath -> http://www.christophior.com/



To update the site's favicon you will need to replace the favicon.ico file that is present in /static/img/.

For some reason the app seems to automatically pick up the favicon.ico file.


For images such as your avatar, site background, etc. you can either use a URL for an image that is served somewhere else online or use a relative path like the following

  "avatar": "/img/avatar.jpg",
  "background": "/img/background.jpg",

You can also go to /static/img and replace the avatar.jpg and background.jpg files with the images you wish to use and leave the default URLs in place.


Have an idea to make this app better? Fork this repo and play around with it, make it better and if you think you have something worth sharing make a pull request to the develop branch on this repository.

Weirdly written in Austin, Texas!